Advantages Of Using A Digital Ear Thermometer

Owning and using a digital ear thermometer can have many advantages over the use of other means of temperature measurement, especially hen you need to measure a child’s temperature. For a long time, parents around the world and the medical professionals would utilize a glass thermometer filled with mercury which although they were able to provide a decent reading did have many disadvantages if compared with modern digital infrared thermometers.

Over the years, few other ways of measuring temperature have been invented and implemented, Like strips that are held against the child forehead. These strips represent a non-invasive way of measuring the temperature but the results that they provide is very approximate and certainly cannot be considered a true indication of body temperature.

When a child suddenly feels unwell, parents should be able to respond quickly as an infant whose immune system is yet to develop can deteriorate very quickly. Accurate temperature should be immediately taken to be able to judge weather the child’s condition can be considered a true emergency. For this purpose, the infrared digital ear thermometer is considerably safer and faster.


Advantages of using an infra-red digital ear thermometer

  • Accuracy: Infra-red digital ear thermometers measure the temperature from the tympanic  membrane which surround one of the main arteries which branches out from the aorta to take blood to the brain. There is not a better place where true body temperature can be measured.


  • Hygiene: Both Ear thermometers, the tympanic one and the behind the ear touch on provide a  much more hygienic solution compared to old means of measurement. By changing the nozzle or by wiping the sensor part of the thermometer, you can avoid contamination while maintaining cleanliness of the device at all times.


  • Comfort: Young children and especially neonates don’t like to be nudged, and unknown objects inserted into their mouth or even worse rectum can be received by a sense of fear. An ear thermometer is gentle, non-invasive and it could be used even the child is asleep, maintaining 100% comfort.


  • Convenience: Traditional ways of measuring temperature can be difficult to be utilized as a child who is unwell usually is restless and tend to wiggle when approached for any sort of medical examination. An ear thermometer only takes a few seconds to read the temperature, making the all process very quick and smooth for both the user and the child.


  • Simplicity: Ear thermometer are easily operated with a click of a button, weather traditional thermometers can take up to five minutes to provide an acceptable reading.


  • Uncomplicated: Digital ear thermometers are very easy to operate and come with a digital screen which makes it easy to be able to read the temperature even at night or in dark conditions.


Being able to recognize a medical emergency is a very important and tempearture testing is one of the first things thta one must do in order to understand the severyty of the issue. An abnormal temperature reading could be a sign of infection, Hypotermia (cold), infection, cancer, gastro-intestinal issues and a lot more medical problems.

A digital ear thermometer is very inexpensive and buying on for your home is one of the best investments that you could make. There are many devices present on the market, here are some of the best ear thermometers.