Best Ear Thermometers For 2017

Fast, accurate and, above all, painless. Here are the Best Ear Thermometers For 2017 that measure body temperature directly through the heat emitted by the tympanum in the ear. This is a method that has come to the fore recently, including the ban on classic mercury glass thermometers. They are very used in hospitals and even in the home are spreading thanks to the convenience and precision of the measured measurement.

Not all ear thermometers are the same and not all of them work as impeccably as you would expect from a device that needs to perform such a delicate function. Our guide and our ranking help you to break through the tide of available products today: read carefully to avoid a bad investment.

But if you have little time to read, you can point directly to the two best criticized products that have been distinguished for good value for money. With the Braun Thermoscan 7 you can count on the reliability of a brand-name brand that has been present in many homes for a long time. Another option not to be underestimated by the same brand is the Braun IRT6020 ThermoScan 5, a simplified version of the most sophisticated 7, but equally interesting.


Here are our shopping tips to help you compare the most interesting deals for the best ear thermometers of 2017



Best Ear Thermometers For 2017


One of the Best Ear Thermometers For 2017  from the German manufacturer. The peculiarity of this product is to adjust the temperature measurement according to the different ages of subjects to whom the fever is to be measured. Among the curiosities to be devoted to a newborn baby, it is to be considered that the body temperature of an individual at full growth is different from that of an adult who has already grown well.

This thermometer is equipped with an age precision microprocessor that calculates the exact temperature by weighting it according to the age of the patient. Just set the thermometer by setting the person to whom the fever is to be measured, then approach the device to the ear and consult the display that with a color code indicates whether the temperature is normal, green indicator, or if you need intervention, indicators yellow or red depending on the severity of the feverish state.

In our ranking, therefore, Braun has made her a master. Even his new Thermoscan, which was considerably cheaper than the model seen before, has been remarkably appreciated by consumers as evidenced by numerous opinions and favorable reviews.

Let’s summarize what its main features are.



For the whole family: The peculiarity of Thermoscan 7 is to measure the temperature taking into account the age of the subject, so ideal not just for the children but for the whole family.

Color code: The display indicates clarity, using different colors, if the temperature is normal or requires intervention.

Heated Tip: This model also features a heated tip, an arrangement that the smallest will appreciate because it does not bother the same with a cold metallic tip.

Functional: The Thermoscan 7 can measure the temperature not only very accurate but also as fast, ideal for restless babies.



Settings: Before each measurement, you must set the age; someone might find the annoying operation.


Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 Thermometer (Personal Care)

List Price: £54.99 GBP
New From: £39.95 GBP In Stock
Used from: £36.11 GBP In Stock



Leading product for the German company in the care line of the person, this Braun Thermometer strikes for precision detection and ease-of-use.

Unlike other body temperature sensing devices, in this case we have a simple to use and handy device, but above all quick to return the exact data. The preheated tip to insert directly into the eardrum eases the annoying feeling of contact with cold metal, especially if you are bothered by fever.

Thinking especially for the young, due to the discretion and reliability of detection, it is also good for adults who need to control the evolution of their influence.

It works only if the lens cap is properly inserted to guarantee hygiene and prophylaxis to avoid transmission of germs and bacteria through the ear canal. A pack of lenses is included with the first purchase, after they will be bought separately as they are used and disposed of.

Discreet shape and reliable detection capability distinguish this model from others as the best solution to use near the earpiece, and the salient features.



Infrared technology: Temperature sensing occurs thanks to the infrared that causes the heat emitted in the area close to the tympanum to give a good estimate for the whole body.

Discretion and Speed: In a matter of seconds it returns the data accurately, but above all without being obtrusive or annoying, the presence of the heated tip reduces the annoyance of the metal object resting near the ear.

Now Ready to Run: Two AA batteries are already included in the box at the time of sale, even a silicone lens cover kit is included in the price, but being used is easy to finish soon.



Not at first price: This is a scarce technology for the general public market and still has little attractive prices compared to the few euros that are needed to buy the most common axillary digital thermometer.

Braun IRT6020 ThermoScan 5 Ear Thermometer (Personal Care)

List Price: £42.99 GBP
New From: £35.10 GBP In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock



Another worthy and one of the Best Ear Thermometers For 2017 by Beurer it has many customizable features, all interesting and worthy of note, let’s see them in detail.

The device is able to detect body temperature both on the forehead as in the ear, as well as that of other sources: environment, liquids or surfaces in general. It is equipped with dual signaling, acoustic or visual modes, with the LED lighting up to indicate the high temperature detection. There are six languages ​​that can be set so that the instrument can be set to the more familiar one, it is designed to emit sounds or even speak, but can be silenced depending on the context in which you prefer to use the thermometer.

The ergonomic shape that facilitates the large, easy-to-read grip and display are other design features that make it enjoyable and comfortable. Designed to last for a long time, it is equipped with batteries for autonomous operation but also for signaling whether these should be replaced.

The Beurer device does not go unnoticed, which, more than just a simple ear thermometer, works to detect body or environmental temperature with ease and immediacy. Here is the list of advantages and disadvantages that best describes it.



Many modes of use: Indicated for body temperature measurement, you can also measure liquid or other surfaces with just as much simplicity.

Memory: There are ten memories in order to keep track of the course of the disease. Less than other similar devices but still effective for knowing how to take care.

LED Signals: The ability to “dial” with the device in different ways likes buyers who can choose whether to listen to the discovery made or rely on visual signals with the red and green color code.



Half Degree of Degradation: Beware of what is also reported in the instructions and that is, the difference of half degree in the detection of the data.

Beurer FT70 Multi-functional thermometer Measures ear, forehead (Personal Care)

List Price: £39.99 GBP
New From: £38.21 GBP In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock



Let’s start with what we think one of the Best Ear Thermometers For 2017. Despite the low price, this is one of the best-selling ear thermometers thanks to the precision of the performance offered.

Easy and intuitive in use, in a second measure and displays body temperature. Just point the probe to the ear, this identifies the heat emitted by the tympanum while the microprocessor inside it recalculates, accurately estimating the body temperature. A sound signal alerts you to the receipt of the data to be processed, which instantly appears on the large, easy-to-read LCD display.

The tip of the probe is already warm, interesting detail, a mom knows it: a child bothered by fever is intolerant of anything that can bother him. And the coldness of a metal tip in your ear is an inadmissible disorder even if it lasts for a while.

Also included are 21 probe covers, to be used before taking the temperature in the ear, plus an extra drive to avoid unnecessary transmissions of germs or bacteria through the thermometer.

So the first place in our guide to choosing the best headset thermometer is the Braun model. As you have seen, this is a product that offers different benefits to the user. Here are what are in short.



Ease of use: Simply point the probe to your ear for this to measure the heat and immediately indicate the temperature. Easy and fast.

Display: When data is captured, the user is alerted by a sound signal and can then display them on a display that is large and easily readable.

Heated Tip: This is an interesting detail because the baby does not feel uncomfortable, unlike many other thermometers whose cold tip is often boring and infuriating the baby.

Equipment: In the box there are 21 probe covers that are very useful in limiting the transmission of germs and bacteria through the thermometer.



Price: Product of great precision and quality, Braun has a higher average market price.

Braun ThermoScan 5 IRT4520 Ear Thermometer (Personal Care)

List Price: £42.99 GBP
New From: £146.50 GBP In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock



Two in One means the ability to detect ear or forehead temperature to use it according to the preferred mode of use. The thermometer is also able to detect the temperature other than body temperature, such as the ambient or the liquid or surface temperature: a comfort as it provides multiple application fields for device functions.

The packaging is packed in detail, both for packaging as well as for storing the thermometer easily after use. The rigid plastic base is combined with the velvet bag that serves to preserve the thermometer and sensor from dust or shock.

Interestingly, the ancillary functions that allow to store the temperature sensors if you have to keep in check the course of a longer illness. The data is shown in Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees depending on the scale used by the user. Two keys to access the commands are essential but useful: the one to hold down until the data is detected and the other to display the scale and previous readings.

Many amenities that offer a headset thermometer, especially if designed for personalized and versatile use as in this Etekcity 2 in 1. Let’s look at the main aspects in detail.



Two in One: It can be used directly in contact with the forehead or by placing the probe in the ear to detect the eardrum temperature. This is because it is possible to have the data without having to establish a contact between the sensor and the heat source so that it can be used less orthodox by measuring liquid, surface or ambient temperatures without precluding hygiene.

LCD Screen: It is backlit and allows you to read the data even in the dark so as not to disturb sleeping baby sleep, characters are easily readable because large and stand out in the blue background.

Stored data: Twenty are the records that remain in memory and accessed by pressing F2 for a long time.



Detection: This kind of device does not always agree on discrepancy between detection and another can be significant, but often depends on how the paraffin plug is positioned and if the sensor is correctly positioned.



We now propose which professional hearing ear thermometer to buy, which meets the needs of home use with good accuracy.

This device equipped with an infrared sensor that identifies the capillary temperature around the eardrum membrane, is designed for hospital use and therefore rather intense. Probe operation is guaranteed for long-lasting use, thanks to the possibility of replacing the cover, ie the probe cover, so that the measurement is always accurate and also avoids the risk of transmitting bacteria in case of multiple use in family. The cover is ejected simply by pressing a button. Equally easily, it is possible to set up 21 memory functions because the unit automatically signals if the detected temperature is in a range to be monitored. It allows you to have the result of the measurement in just one second after resting the probe on the ear.

It has a socket to be connected to the computer and download data to memory if it is to store them for statistical purposes.

The Italian company Gima then breaks the Braun monopoly thanks to a thermometer that has very interesting features. Let us briefly see what they are.



Professional: This is a device designed for hospital use and is therefore very fast (the measurement is obtained only after one second), accurate and resistant. In particular, the probe is designed to last over time as the probe cover can be replaced. The measurement will therefore always be accurate and with minimal risk of transmitting germs and bacteria.

Functions: There are 21 memory functions – all easy to set up – capable of signaling whether the detected temperature is within a preset range.

Technological: Using a jack, you can make a computer connection and download all the data in memory, an advantage for those who need statistics.



Replacement Probe Cover: After each use, replace the probe cover, an operation that may be boring for someone.

Probe cover: Essential for proper use of the instrument, however, should be purchased separately.

Gima 25575 Professional Headset Infrared Thermometer (Personal Care)

List Price: £42.02 GBP
New From: £37.35 GBP In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock



Among the  Braun devices, we find this infrared headphone thermometer, ideal if we do not have particularly intense use needs. Handy and ergonomic, it can be easily wrapped with one hand while with the other arm we support the feverish baby. The tip of the probe to be inserted in the ear is flexible so that it can be adapted to the child’s position and not vice versa, it can be preheated to prevent the baby from getting the cold object to enter the ear.

A signal will warn you if the thermometer has been well positioned so that it can detect the temperature correctly. Within a few seconds, the microprocessor calculates body heat calculation based on the estimate made on the ear. The response is then displayed on the display indicating the required information. Near the tympanum are the blood vessels of the body temperature control center, so the measurement in this specific area is so reliable and accurate.

The model you find in the third place of our guide shares several benefits with the two visas previously. Here’s what I’m down with the link below to buy.



Handy: The ergonomic design designed by Braun allows you to handle the thermometer with great ease and then measure the baby’s temperature in a simple and comfortable way.

Flexible Tip: The Braun tip is flexible and is therefore able to adapt to the ear of the baby and not vice versa.

Preheated: It is also preheated to minimize the baby’s disturbance that generally does not endure any kind of invasive, as fast as possible.

Functional: The thermometer, like all Braun, is precise and quick in measuring the temperature. It takes just a few seconds and it’s okay.



Position: You must place the Braun in the correct position in the ear otherwise, as with other similar products, the measurement may be unreliable.

Braun IRT 4020 Thermoscan Ear Thermometer (Personal Care)

List Price: £40.84 GBP
New From: £32.98 GBP In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock