Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 Thermometer

The German brand Braun is world-renowned for the production of home appliances and good quality wellness products.

In this article we present one of the latest articles born in Braun’s house, and is receiving a great deal of public success. We refer to the Braun Thermoscan 7 thermometer, a digital, easy-to-use instrument that is perfect for performing fast and accurate measurements.

Innovative Technology

This excellent article features a preheated tip that is capable of measuring, thanks to its innovative technology, the infrared rays that are generated by the tympanum membrane and the surrounding tissues.

The Thermoscan 7 Digital Ear Thermometer is able to measure the last nine measurements on the display through an “age precision” system featuring a particular color code. This is basically a real “age-related” guide, perfect for your entire family.

Given that the tympanum membrane functions to share blood vessels with any body temperature control center, its variations can be detected more quickly and in a very precise way than other areas of the body.

It will be very easy to detect the infant’s temperature as the measurement takes place in just over three seconds.

This excellent product, with age precision, helps you correctly interpret your baby’s temperature.
As many studies have shown, the definition of temperature obviously changes according to the age of children.

So what can be a normal temperature for a baby from four to seven years, however, can be considered fever if you are facing a newborn. Age therefore is a decisive factor in the definition of temperature.

For these reasons, Braun has decided to design this innovative headset thermometer. It’s really easy to use because it is necessary to select the age of your baby or adult in question, measure the temperature, and the Thermoscan display, thanks to its color code, will be able to safely interpret the correct value of the baby’s temperature. All this does nothing but guarantee you the utmost security in establishing the correct temperature each time.

If you choose to buy this product that we are recommending, you will be sure to trust one of the best brand names for your wellbeing products and that of your family. In fact, Braun thermometers are clinically tested. Their preheated tip ensures the highest accuracy ever, getting approval from doctors all over the world.

The tip is really innovative because it warms up before use, unlike the other thermometers where the tip could heat the area where the temperature is detected, Thermoscan will always ensure professional results.

A special mention is the innovative positioning called “ExacTemp”, which can confirm whether the product was correctly positioned by turning on a warning light and a beep (a classic beep).

The perfect product for your family. Guaranteed results at any time, without the risk of misapplication. The benchmark if you want to get the most accuracy ever.

Highly recommended. Braun, number one in the production of personal care products.

Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 Thermometer (Personal Care)

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Key features

  • Braun ThermoScan – the thermometer used and recommended by doctors; with professional accuracy
  • Patented Age Precision technology – an age adjustable fever guidance with a colour coded display and a night light
  • Patented pre-warmed tip to ensure gentleness and professional accuracy by eliminating cooling effect of the probe in the ear
  • ExacTemp Positioning technology