High temperature is a sign of an illness which can be lying undetected. Having high fever on its own is not a disease but a clever way for our body to fight off infections, however we cannot rule out other causes that is why accurate temperature needs to be monitored as soon as possible.

A forehead thermometer is a much less invasive option which makes the process of taking a temperature much less of a problem than conventional ones especially when dealing with young children who could already be in distress due to the elevated body core temperature.

Forehead thermometers measure the heat which is propagated by the temporal artery (which runs on both sides of therefore ) and following a gentle bleeping sound they deliver the temperature reading. They are very useful as they can be used on babies even if they are asleep and are also good for adults who are suffering from a tympanic infection and as a consequence cannot use the tympanic way of measuring their temperature.

Forehead thermometers operates on batteries and if brought from a cold cupboard into another room it is worth remembering to let the tip warm up a little bit in order to get the most accurate result as it could pick up even the tiniest variation in temperature. These devices use infrared light to detect the temperature and although it tend to be a little bit more pricey than other thermometers they are the ones who can provide both hygiene and safety for all of the family.

The Braun NFT 3000 and The Tempir body temperature thermometer are two models that i have personally tried and recommend. They deliver a result in less than 4 second, they are easy to hold and operate thanks to the large digital display. They are handy, easy to store and reasonably priced and for their convenience of usage they are the favorite of pediatrician and other health care practitioners.

If you start using a forehead or touch thermometers i am sure you will not back to the traditional mercury filled ones. Research has shown that mercury thermometers can be toxic and have a harmful effects for the body and going digital is definitely the way forward. Your whole family can receive the benefits of body temperature measurement knowing that their health will not be compromised by a toxic or invasive way of measurement.

To conclude we can safely claim the forehead thermometer are the best addition to your health cupboard especially if you have young children, they will not be bothered when you need to check if they have the temperature o not.

What are the best infrared forehead thermometers?